Die Schü­le­rin­nen und Schü­ler der 7. Klas­sen bega­ben sich, wie jedes Jahr Ende Okto­ber, auf die Spu­ren der römi­schen Geschichte in die ehe­ma­lige Kai­ser­re­si­denz­stadt Trier. Im Geschichts- und Latein­un­ter­richt haben sie im Vor­feld pro­jekt­ori­en­tiert gear­bei­tet und Füh­run­gen zu bekann­ten Bau­wer­ken vor­be­rei­tet. Den Tag in Trier beschreibt Katha­rina (7a) anschlie­ßend in ihrem im Rah­men des Eng­lisch­un­ter­richts ver­fass­ten report sehr treffend.

A day in Trier

Finally it was there! The day that all year 7 stu­dents of Les­sing-Gym­na­si­ums went to Trier. The two and a half hour bus ride was fast but noisy, as ever­yone was exci­ted to have a pre­sen­ta­tion in front of an anci­ent buil­ding with 3–4 other class­ma­tes of their own class. Most of them had never seen their buil­ding before, which of course made it more dif­fi­cult to guide their own class through the buil­ding or to show things about it.

I´m really curious how the buil­dings look like in real life, and I‘m par­ti­cu­larly inte­res­ted in the Kai­ser­ther­men, which I give a pre­sen­ta­tion on,”

says a Eve­lin S., as she pas­ses her pic­tures around. After three pre­sen­ta­ti­ons, the stu­dents had an hour and a half lunch break, in which they can have lunch and explore the city. After­wards there were three pre­sen­ta­ti­ons, after which the bus wai­ted in front of the last buil­ding and ever­y­body got inside, exhaus­ted. “I liked Trier because it has so many old buil­dings we could see and it was dif­fe­rent from the nor­mal les­sons,” says Eve­lin S. about the trip.

Katha­rina M., 7a